NY City News Service “Murals Keep Memories Alive”

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I felt that this story was more a feature story then a breaking news story. I really liked this story a lot because I always had a thing for really cool and well done graffiti. In this case this isn’t the defacing of public property as it is a way to leave memories of those who have past and keep their spirit alive in the neighborhood. I also really liked how now many landlords are giving these artists permission to make these murals and also promise they will keep them from getting painted over because of the meaning all of these paintings possess.


Mission Loc@l “Three-Story Fire Erupts at 24th and Castro, Everyone Gets Out Without Injuries”

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This story I feel at the time was a breaking story since it is a few days old now. I felt the story was well done with how it had many quotes and interview questions with the man who called in about the fire and with the chief of the fire department and gave nothing but praise to a job well done by the fire department. I liked this story because it was a story that was interesting to the public eye I felt and ended with a warming feeling because everyone made it out safe.

“We the Media” Reflection

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From reading this article I got a sense early on that as Americans our right to free speech was one of the most important things we have rights to. If it wasn’t for free speech our nation would not be what it is today because of people who stuck their necks out long ago in forming this nation and its laws.

Even after America became an independent nation free speech in the media has still helped to bring strong attention to events on a large scale. The muckrakers brought to the attention of everyone the horrible conditions in factories and the horrible treatment of employees by the robber barons in the progressive era. With out this ability to say whatever in the media no one would have done anything about this. Without this being done many work place regulations never would have been set and child labor would still be very popular.

It is also amazing how even with the creation of the internet back then how quickly it began to reshape big media and affect how people were able to get their messages out. At the same time I feel as if big media has done an incredible job throughout the existence of the internet to adapt and stay in such a powerful way for people to receive news and other information relatively quickly.

Hello world!

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